The Combined Church of Akaroa
Banks Peninsula

Knowing the Heart of God at the Heart of the Community

Welcome To The Combined Church of Akaroa
Banks Peninsula

We are an inclusive church, formed through a partnership between Anglicans and Presbyterians on Banks Peninsula. Our parish includes congregations in Akaroa, Duvauchelle, Pigeon Bay, Little Akaloa, Le Bons Bay, and Okains Bay. We meet for worship each week in Akaroa, and over the summer months in the Bays. We try to share God’s love with each other and with our local communities. Come and join us on a Sunday, or help with one of our community activities. Everyone is welcome. You will find all the details below.

As we work within the national framework of the Traffic Light System we encourage all to continue to seek God’s protection and leading. The churches here in Akaroa and the Bays are seeking God’s guidance as to how to maintain our unity in settings where we may be physically separated. We will continue to be united in purpose and in our relationships under one Lord.

The Combined Parish Council has decided that while the Government’s Traffic Lights guidelines are in force, we have a responsibility to protect the vulnerable members of our church family, including the elderly, the health-compromised and children, as well as a responsibility to provide services for those who are not vaccinated. It is our wish that everyone attending our services should feel safe.

For that reason all people attending services in Akaroa and the Bays churches will need to show a vaccine pass (children under 12 exempt). We will review these decisions as soon as the Government Traffic Light regulations change.

What's On

Services in Akaroa


Sunday 9 January – 10am Trinity Church informal service 

Sunday 16th January – 10am St Peter’s Communion    

 Sunday 23rd January – 11 am Garden Service in the Paulins’ garden, 281 Beach Road (please park on Beach Road). Followed by shared picnic lunch. Please bring a chair, and food and drink which can be shared.

Sunday 30 January – 10am Shortened Holy Communion service, St Peters 
5pm short service at Trinity followed by 5.30pm forum Trinity Hall – “Science and Christianity” – Speakers Steve Chambers and Brian Butterfield. Discussion followed by a shared meal.
(Vaccine passes required for the forum as well as the service)

Services in the Bays



No January services in the Bays, except

Sunday 16th January Le Bons Bay 5pm 



Home Groups

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Garden Service

On Sunday January 23 – 11 am we will be holding a Garden Service at Ken and Fiona Paulin’s, 281...

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